One of the final skills to be upgraded in the Engineer Class: Equipment Expertise is the XM-25 Airrburst Grenade Launcher. Similar to the RPG Launcher, the XM-25 lauches grenades at a pre-determined distance. When the user looks through the scope, he sees the crosshair. Right next to it, the distance of the target is shown. Using the spin wheel on the mouse, the user can adjust the distance he wants the grenade to be lauched. When the greanade reaches this distance, it will explode, no matter where it has been shot, even the air, hence airburst greande. This allows for a more convenient way of taking out out-of-sight targets on roofs and behind cover (unlike the RPG). This weapon starts off with a default of 4 rounds, and 1 magazine of 4 rounds. When fully upgraded, it gives the user 3 extra magazines (+12 grenades). However, though an effective tool, it deals less damage than the RPG, with an average of 30-50 damage/person and 10-35 damage to vehicles.