The UH-60 or more commonly known as The "Blackhawk" is the US transport helicopter . It carries two coaxial gatling guns (one on each side) and currently stands on 1000 HP.

This helicopter can carry a maximum of 5 players:

1 Pilot

2 Gunners

3 Passengers

The UH-60 is a very effective vehicle for capturing flags due to the amount of passengers in the vehicle, but to drive the helicopter a person must have spent one training point in Helicopter Piloting training

It spawns in US base/carrier in:


-Dragon Valley


and spawn in Karkand , rush in the half of the rounds

Player's Roles

The Blackhawk is a transportation helicopter and support for ground forces. The Pilot of the chopper must in areas where they need support against infantry or when sneaking behind the lines to take a base.

The 2 gunners are to take out any infantry or veichles on sight, note that the coxial gun can take out everything despite that it does extremely low damage against enemy tanks, roughly 1 damage per few shots.

The other passenger's will depend on their class.

Medics: Can be a mobile hospital, dropping medic boxes to the much needed players below, then flying to another area to drop another. Medics can also be another 'gunner' due to their high ammo capacity LMGs.

Assualt: Same thing as medics, except they drop ammo instead. Their Assault Rifle's accuracy will be ruined while the helicopter is moving, but once stable they can pick off infantry at longer ranges compared to the medics LMG. Also the Assault can provide some anti-armor capabilities to the UH-60 while hovering above enemy armor via C4 charges.

Engineer: This class now can provide some anti-armor capabilities to the UH-60 via Tracer Darts, RPGs and Mines, making it one of the most deadly vehicle in the game. The can also repair the veichle while in the air allowing it to stay in the field longer.

Recons: Not much use for this class on a UH-60. Their only uses is their spotting abilities and motion sensors. The recon's sniper rifle's accuracy will be ruined if they shot on the move, once stable the recon might be able to take out some infantry but at a much slower rate compared to other 3 classes. If recons want to be sniper support in the air, they best choose a semi automatic weapon. They can, however be air dropped into various spots vital to controlling flags such as the roofs surrounding them.