Adding LinksEdit

Adding a link is fairly simple. At the top of the editing box, there are two buttons. One looks like a chain, the other looks like a broken chain. To add a link, click the chain. The target page goes at the top. Make sure this is correct, or it will not link to the right page. Underneath, type in the text you want to appear. To remove a link, select the text and click the broken chain. If the link is red, it does not link to a page. You can click it to create this page. If it is red and there is a page, you most likely spelled something wrong. Correct this please!

Signing Talk PagesEdit

When you leave a message on someone's talk page, please sign it with four tildes (~). This automatically adds their signature so they know who left the message.

Adding New HeadingsEdit

To add a new heading, place two equal signs (=) on either side of the word. This will only work if the text is not bold, has no italics, and is not underlined.

Linking to HeadingsEdit

If you want to say the word "SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG, etc." please link it to the appropriate heading in the Weapons List page. For example, if I wanted to say:

"The UMP 45 is a SMG."

I would have the displayed text say "SMG," and the link target "Weapons_List#Engineer_Specific_Weapons."

To find the link target, go to the Weapons List page. Then, in the table of contents at the top, click the appropriate heading you want to link to. From there, copy and paste the address bar into the link.