This is an informational page for the T4G projects conglomeration.  Note that any information here has not yet been approved by T4G staff or the T4G PR team, or any other associated party.  Any current views or pieces of information on here are viable to change, and ensuing problems from readers are not the responsibility of the author or anyone else other than the reader.


The Tools 4 Games Project, often abbreviated as T4G or T4G BL (BL stands for the "Black List") is a community-driven BFP4F anti-cheat and game multi-tools project.  It is a combination of game tools specifc to BFP4F such as the weapon comparison, but its main capping point in the conglomeration of individual projects is the "Black List", BFP4F's first and only major (as well as it being non-developer sponsored) anti-cheat system for privately owned servers.

More information coming up once I have time ;).  -Sovietmaster, expert-ish BFP4F forumer and T4G staff.

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