A small map about the size of Karkand with no vehicles. Point A is nearest to the RU spawn, while point C is closer to the US base. Point B is where most of the conflict happens.

Class Tips: Engineer: You have an SMG for a reason. Use it while flanking for best results.

Assault: Play your normal Karkand gameplay, and use smoke grenades.

Medic: Advance at a slow-medium rate, checking and dropping medboxes. However, you should still sprint up when needed.

Recon: Take a bit of time to learn the good vantage points and learn how to cover the most area possible. Then, cover your team and advance when needed.

For Shotgun Users: Rush up, flank, and kill.

Tips For All: go behind enemy lines to cap the back flag to gain a major, if temporary advantage.

Note - Players can drop in behind enemy lines in this map just like Gulf of Oman and Karkand.

Starting image of the map


Full map(Radar)