The STG.77 AUG (Sturmgeweher, model of 1977) is an Austrian bullpup assault rifle notable for it's balance and futuristic design. It was the first Elite weapon availble to the Assault Class, coming out in the beta alongside the UMP, M249 and M95

Prior to the release of the second set of Elite weapons, the STG.77 AUG was arguably overpowered. It had little recoil and a 35 round magazine. However, its stats were changed with the release of the next set of Elite weapons and its recoil was changed significantly and all of its stats failed to meet those of the SCAR-L, which had superior recoil, damage, range, rate of fire, accuracy and magazine size.The STG.77 AUG was granted a holosight configuration, however, giving owners of the holosight version a slight advantage to SCAR-L owners.

The STG.77 AUG was not affected severely during the infamous December Update, though the changes made to other weapons put it on an even playing field to the other assault rifles. Currently, it remains a versatile assault rifle that can deal decent damage at nearly every range with precision only bested by the XM8. The STG.77 AUG is now very similar to the SCAR-L, having extremely similar stats though with five less damage points at medium range, a larger magazine and higher accuracy.

The STG.77 AUG is a great weapon, though a Holosight or Rapid-Aim Red Dot Sight is recommended for close encounters due to the obtrusive iron sights.

Battlefield Play4Free STG77AUG Commentary

Battlefield Play4Free STG77AUG Commentary

The STG.77 AUG being used in Sharqi