The Saiga-12 is a shotgun, in Battlefield Play4Free.


The Saiga-12 is a Russian-made, semi-automatic shotgun. It's damage is relatively weak, compared to other shotguns, but it's incredible stopping power and high accuracy compensate for the damage it deals. With a fast trigger finger, the Saiga-12 can be fired very quickly, making the weapon a force to be reckoned with. With the Saiga-12, a skilled soldier can decimate their enemies in close quarters, in mere seconds. It's accuracy allows soldiers to kill with precise shots, a unique trait that most shotguns lack. Sadly, the shotgun has a limited range, which prevents the number of kills one can get with this weapon.

Use in CombatEdit

This weapon is suited for all the classes, because any class can use it in most situations. It is best used for assaulting and defending a key position, because the fighting that occurs usually turns into vicious, close-quarters combat. The Saiga-12 is not suited for long-range combat, because of it's limited range.


Battlefield Play4Free (first appearance)