The PP2000 is the starter weapon for the engineer class. The weapon excels most at short to medium range, however its damage drop off at longer ranges makes it very difficult to eliminate enemies at longer ranges.

Compared to other default weapons for other classes, the PP2000 has the least recoil and most user friendly experience. As a downside, it also delivers the least damage out of all available primary weapons.

Its high ROF and smaller magazine compared to other SMGs, makes it very easy to run out of ammo. It is advised to use burst fire at medium ranges to conserve ammo.

The PP2000 like most SMGs can be fitted with a variety of optics and attachments to enhance the performance of the weapon. Although it is a starter weapon, it can be still a formiddable force since it has a controllable recoil, decent iron sight and outputs decent damage at close to medium range.

Overall, the PP2000 is close to medium range weapon and an extremely beginner friendly weapon. However compared to other SMGs, it performance is not notable and other guns can easily output more damage.

Note: Due to recent patches the recoil of all SMGs has been increased dramtically making the PP2000 near uncontrollable in medium to long range, however it still excels in CQC with its high rate of fire. This also contributes to the guns bullet deviation in medium to long range since its rate of fire and intense recoil makes recovery difficult. The reload time has been shortened by half a second though note very notacable since its reload time is on par with other SMGs such as the P90 or UMP45.

2nd Note: Due to another patch unforseen before, the gun has been nerfed quite badly in terms of damage, recoil and range. This gun while quite formiddable before recent patches has been nerfed to a great extent and does not compete well against other low level guns such as the P90 or MP7. It is advisable to purchase another gun or rent one as a replacement for this gun. While it isn't a horrible un, it is outclassed by other popular SMGs such as the UMP45, MP7 or MP5 which outclass it in CQC and medium to long range combat.

Battlefield Play4Free PP-2000 Commentary

Battlefield Play4Free PP-2000 Commentary