This is probably what he looks like.

Hello community! We have a LOT of stuff here which is great! So anyway, this guy Mark (featured right) proposes a merge between the Battlefield Wiki and ours. It's true that we have much more information on Battlefield Play4Free than they do, but I still think it's a great idea for three reasons:

1) Their site has much better formatting. (What can I say it's the only Wiki I organize)

2) They have a much larger community than us which means information will be added faster.

3) If you Google search "Battlefield Play4free Wiki" they actually show up one spot higher (check for yourself!)

However there are also reasons one might not want to switch. We have more information, but also I think it might be nice to have a Wiki dedicated solely to this game. If you've ever tried to use the Battlefield Wiki, you have to pick through quite a bit of info to find what you're looking for. For example, if you look up "Saiga-12" you have to scroll down through information from other games until you find info about P4F.

Please comment on this, I want feedback on what you guys think.