Medic Box

This red box is one of the trademarks of the Medic.

Drop it on the ground and people nearby will be healed. Dropping another box will deactivate your earliest active box. When a teammate is completely healed, you will get 10 points.

Upgrading the neccessary skills will increase the rate of recovery, range and number of boxes active. Medics also have a Tier 2 combat skill that allows you to see the health of friends and foes alike.

Hints and TipsEdit

When an ally uses the automated message, asking for a medic, the triangle under their name will change to a flashing plus sign, signifying low health. Watch out for when people need health and then they die, revive them if they are close enough that you can get to them before they respawn.

But be wary of snipers or other enemies lurking nearby or you may be the next victim.