General ClassificationsEdit

Vehicle MapsEdit

These maps will contain vehicles, whether transport or assault, and will normally be very expansive and generally chaotic. Anti-vehicle weaponry and sniper rifles are promoted. Recommended for people who enjoy large player bases and a large battlefield experience.

Infantry MapsEdit

These maps will not contain vehicles, and will have many nooks and crannies for infantrymen to hide. These are usually small maps that can easily be traversed by foot and are somewhat favorable for smaller teams. SMGs, Shotguns, and sidearms are normally magnified in usage. Recommended for smaller player bases and for people who wish to have a more traditional experience.

  • Sharqi
  • Basra
  • Karkand

Air MapsEdit

Featuring airborne vehicles such as assault helicopters and fighter jets, and land vehicles such as tanks, light transport, and APCs, these servers are generally popular amongst the Battlefield Play4Free Community. These maps are much larger than Infantry maps and focus more on vehicular combat both on on water, on land, and in the sky. It is recommended to have helicopter training at the bare minimum for these maps, with advanced training optional.

  • Oman
  • Dalian
  • Dragon Valley


The newest Battlefield Play4Free game mode,the objective of this mode is to destroy the M-COM for the Attacking team while the defending must defend the M-COM to win.The mode include a few territorial in each map.Most of them are 4.The attacking team must arm and destroy the M-COM to proceed.Each territory has 2 M-COM.The attackers wins the round if they succesfully destroyed every M-COM available.Rush is one of the most well-known mode as it is available in most Battlefield games.

  • Karkand (Rush)
  • Sharqi (Rush)
  • Dalian (Rush)
  • Basra (Rush)
  • Dalian (Rush)
  • Oman (Rush)