Us apc

The LAV-25 is the American APC (Armored Personal Carrier). Its stats are similar to the Russian counterpart, the BTR-90. It is armed with a 25mm Bushmaster autocannon and a pair of TOW missile launchers (though only one can be fired at a time). It has less HP than the tanks and the wheels are vulnerable to small arms fire, but it is faster and has higher rate of fire. Both the main gun and the missile launcher are effective against armored targets. It can carry 4 passengers. Passengers can fire M16 rifles through the firing ports. It takes 2 shots to kill infantry with the main gun unless a headshot is scored. To fire the TOW missile launcher, one needs to put at least one point to the TOW missile training. The TOW missile works in a similar way like the ones found in stationary emplacements, in which the missile will follow the crosshair after being fired.

Compared to the Russian BTR-90, the LAV-25 has a lesser target profile, and thus harder to hit. The LAV-25 is also faster than the BTR-90 when moving in water, though also a bit slower on land. The LAV-25's autocannon has a slower rate of fire than that of the BTR-90, though reload time between salvoes is similar. Also, two of the firing ports on the LAV-25 are located on the rear, allowing the passengers to fire at enemies behind it.

Keep in mind that the LAV-25 and BTR-90 are amphibious (the tanks are not!), which you can use to your advantage in maps like Dragon Valley.

Player's Roles

The APC is designed as an anti-infantry veichle and a support against armored veichles. It is often used to take out infantry in postitions where ground troops would suffer casualities. As the driver in the APC you are supposed to support ground forces by killing off infantry in the safety of your armored veichle, supporting tanks by using your TOW missile and your cannon on opposing armor, and with good lead and aim you can take out aircraft including both helicopters and jets.

The passengers, having access to M16s that are able to be fired out of the veichle's gun ports must watch the APC's flanks and rear at all times since the APC is much more easier to kill than a tank.

The Driver can help out the passengers by driving backwards (strange but true!) and letting the rear gunners attack.