The M14 EBR is a semi - automtic sniper rifle. It preforms more like an Assault rifle but with a scope. It has heavy recoil and moderate damage and below average accuracy in longer ranges, making it hard to kill anybody quickly. It usually take roughly 3 shots to kill somebody, and with the heavy recoil it would prove difficult to use this weapon to kill even a single person. Heat shots, unlike most bolt action rifles, this weapon does not kill in one shot.

The rifle has a rate of fire above average of all the semi auto rifles a Recon can use. Therefore you would fare better in close quarters than the other rifles.

It is a decent weapon, but not the greatest. The actual way to use this weapon is like a semi auto M16, you want to stay behind the lines and support your team by helping your team mates kill the enemy before they kill your team mate, but not too far away so your shots will be off.