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There is a chance of a merge between BF:P4F wiki and the Battlefield wiki. Please click here to express your opinion in the matter. And this website doesn't have some of the update patch info

Welcome to the Battlefield Play4Free Wiki

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Hello everyone! It's been awhile since this wiki was started but we have a lot of great info, pictures, and members. Feel free to edit anything you want, but don't edit big things (adding a category, deleting someone's picture, etc.) without asking the creator or me first please. I still haven't finalized things like the background, theme, admininitrators, and other such things. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or anything else, just leave a comment on my talk page, but don't forget to sign it with 4 tildes (~) so I know who you are. If you are just here to browse information, check out the Knowlege Base below.

Notes for Editors

IMPORTANT: If you're an editor, what the site could really use is just creation of all those red links. Click the red link, make a page, write a short sentence, and save. I really appreciate this, thanks.

At the moment, please feel free to add to any existing articles.

Please note: When adding to or editing pages, please make the following into "links": Vehicles, Classes, Weapons, Trainings, and Maps. Even if the link shows up red, we will try to make a page for it at some point. If you know that a page is made and the link shows up red, you most likely didn't get the name correct. Check the page you are linking to so that the link turns blue. Keep in mind that there can only be 1 link to a specific page per page. Thanks!

Also, please keep in mind that when adding items to a list, try to keep everything in alphabetical order.

If you are new to using Wikis, please read this short guide here.

The Game is FSK 12 +.

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