RU apc
The BTR-90 is the Russians APC (Amoured Personal Carrier). Its stats are similar to the US APC counterpart, the LAV-25

This vehicle currently has 600HP and is armed with a 30mm cannon capable of damaging armoured targets including tanks. It also has a Kornet (AT-14 Spriggan) missile launcher on it but requires at least one training point in TOW Missile System to unlock it. The missile launcher is operated in similar way like the ones in stationary emplacements.

The BTR-90 carries a Driver that controls the 30mm cannon, TOW Missile and smoke grenades. Also carries 4 passenges. The 4 passengers can shoot through the sides of the APC via gun ports and are armed with AEKs by default (M16s for the US) to cover the flanks of the APC from infantry. Like its American counterpart, the BTR-90 is amphibious.

The BTR-90 has a larger target profile than its American counterpart, however, when in water, most of the hull will be submerged, that is a smaller target than the LAV-25. The turret is also placed in a way that one needs to look down a bit in order to see the vehicle's hull that may confuse new players to know where the vehicle is facing. The 30mm Autocannon on the BTR-90 has a higher rate of fire than that of the LAV-25, though reload time is similar.