Anti-Vehicle Mine
he Anti-Vehicle mine is a powerful tool for destroying enemy armor. They detonate on contact with enemy armor, making them useful at close range anti-vehicle combat. However, putting a mine on an enemy vehicle when right next to it may result in damage or even death from the exploding vehicle. To avoid this, move away form the vehicle or jump away as soon as you drop the mine. They can be detonated manually by shooting it.

It is on the second tier of the Equipment Expertise skill tree and has five levels, each increasing the number of mines you can carry by one. They can be replenished by ammo boxes.

The damage caused by the mine instantly destroys anything less than a tank, no matter where it hits. However, damage varies on tanks depending on where the mine detonates:

On the front: 380-ish

On the side/top: 780-ish

On back corner: 950-ish (almost a insta-kill)

On the back: instant kill (1000)


Normal: Lay the mines before the vehicle comes in and blow it up. Can be used kind of like a motion sensor, telling you which base to defend.

Suicide: Run up to a vehicle and drop the mine behind you. when it runs you over, it runs over the mine next, giving you vengeance points.